Finding the right fit for a job is complicated, especially for harder-to-fill positions with specialized skills. Many organizations are finding that older methods of recruiting, such as posting position descriptions on job boards or using print ads, are no longer effective or sufficient in achieving their ideal hire. Adding to this challenge is an apparent skills gap. Organizations cannot find candidates with certain technical or specialized skills.

In addition, passive candidates have become the focus of recruiting for many organizations, and are not easily recruited via traditional recruiting channels. Passive candidates are not actively searching for careers on job boards, are not regularly paying attention to job advertisements, and generally require a different approach. Finally, the emergence of new online marketing strategies and social media are revolutionizing the recruiting industry. In fact, our research shows that social media usage for recruiting has more than doubled in the past three years.

These trends seem to suggest that recruiting has entered a new era, an era where methods are changing and strategies are evolving. More employers, particularly those on the leading edge of recruiting, are evaluating their recruiting strategies and seeking unique or creative tactics to land the right fit. These organizations are investing more time, thought, and creativity in devising sourcing strategies.