Understanding current performance of Recruiter Do you know which team member is finding the most new clients? Whose your strongest proactive recruiter making the most phone calls and adding the most candidates? Which star performer is filling the most vacancies and earning most money? Finding and engaging passive candidates is becoming a bigger challenge for recruiters- If the right candidates aren’t coming to you what do recruiters do? Where do recruiters go to find them? And how do they connect so they can convince them you have the opportunity that candidates didn’t even know they wanted? We have to assess recruiters strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement in order to remove troubles and attain business goals. Data Support: Tracking recruiters day to day activities and providing data through portals, social media websites, networking, so that they can attract more and more candidates for a particular vacancy. Using software, e-recruitment, inclined recruiters to attain small goals and execute daily tasks, giving short term goals and inclined them with incentives will motivate recruiters to perform more effectively. Time Management: A recruiter must become a master at time management, after all each job opening is a project that calls for strategy, sustained efforts and do it all as quickly and accurately as possible. Recruiters must be trained on time management, effective project planning and each job opening heads towards closing. Improving Negotiation Skills: Focusing towards negotiation skills and convincing skills are two most important skills that a recruiter must hold, so if they are missing in a recruiter so training should be provided to overcome this weakness. Planning and Prioritizing: Recruiters will have to plan and prioritize their tasks each and every day before starting them and move forward by proper planning, setting short terms targets and achieving them, allocating time frame for daily calling and spending time on social media for searching candidates or creating blueprint for tomorrow’s success. Cost: We need to focus on daily cost of recruiting and searching candidates on portals and social media, so that we can minimize cost of recruiting by looking at exact profiles matching client requirements and fulfill their requirements before deadlines. In all for improving recruiter’s performance take a look at their daily, weekly, and monthly plans, aligning them with attractive incentives and motivating them by appraising their performances once targets are achieved.