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Sepeda BMX digunakan dalam balapan BMX yang melibatkan lintasan berbentuk trek tanah yang berliku. Juga digunakan untuk melakukan trik dan gerakan artistik di tempat-tempat seperti skatepark atau lintasan BMX freestyle. 10. Warna yang Keren: Paduan warna sepeda BMX keren untuk menunjang gerakan artistik yang memukau.

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Name: Kieran Reilly. Age: 19. Hometown: Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom. Sponsors: tall order bmx. Occupation: School. Instagram: kieranbmxreilly. Bike: tall order 187. Tall Order BMX parts and clothing are specifically designed riding transitions, check out tour team riders and watch BMX videos.

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Pilih sepeda BMX ukuran 18 inch untuk anak usia 10 tahun. 3. Cari frame BMX hi-ten steel yang kuat untuk balap atau penggunaan sehari-hari. 4. Untuk freestyle, cari sepeda BMX dengan rem rotor dan U-Brake yang fleksibel. 5. Pertimbangkan ban 2,125-2,250 inci yang ringan dan stabil untuk flatland. 10 Rekomendasi sepeda BMX terbaik.

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British BMX heavyweight Kieran Reilly has spun his way into the BMX history books landing the world's first triple flair. To make it happen the crew built a.

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New products added every day so keep checking back! Your source for BMX bikes, parts, clothing, helmets, shoes, and accessories. We only carry the best, most legit brands. No nonsense. Owned and operated entirely by actual BMX riders since day one. No scooters, ever! Shop our mailorder 24 hours a day.

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Best Starter BMX Bike: Sunday Primer BMX Bike. Best BMX Bike Cruiser: Stolen Saint 24. Best for Kids: Mongoose Legion L16 Kids Freestyle. Best Beginner Big Wheel BMX Bike: SE Bikes OM Flyer 26.


Retro bikes are your BMX bandit-inspired rides that have bright colors, mag-style wheels, and foam frame pads. 2. Sizing. For the most part, a BMX bike will have 20in wheels, however, kids' and freestyle bikes may roll on 16in or 18in wheels for increased maneuverability, while bikes explicitly designed for dirt jumps may use 24in wheels for.

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SourceBMX is a fully independent rider-owned and rider-run BMX store, founded in 2003 by two brothers with a passion for BMX. Twenty years on, we now offer the largest selection of BMX bikes, parts and accessories anywhere on the market. Fulfilled from our Warehouse and Skatepark in KY.

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BMXing prodigy Kieran Reilly is one of the most explosive comp riders on the BMX park scene today and has been blowing up screens since he was a kid. Date of birth. July 12, 2001.

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RESTORATION BMX BIKE CARIBOUAfter the hard work finally finished the BMX bike restoration. Thank you all for the support.for other BIKE RESTORATION on : http.

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The hard work is paying off and Reilly is achieving impressive results. In 2022 he won silver at European Championship before winning bronze at his first X Games in Japan in May of 2023. Just one.

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European BMX freestyle champion rider Kieran Reilly wants to add Olympic gold to his list of honours at next year's Paris Games - at least once he has earned qualification for the event.


Berbeda dengan sepeda BMX yang dirancang untuk orang dewasa, Pacific Avalon 3.0 memiliki tampilan lebih colorful dan tetap keren digunakan oleh anak-anak. Dengan bobot 10 kg, sepeda ini hanya diperuntukkan bagi anak usia 2-10 tahun, tergantung dari ukuran ban yang kamu pilih.